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Product Review: 2016 ON3P Kartel 98

Image: Martin Kuprianwciz

            With Snowbird proclaiming its “longest season in Utah,” and the fact that they have yet to announce a closing date for skiing operations, it's apparent that there’s still plenty of summer laps left to enjoy up there. But with more and more snow melting off the mountain by the day, you are going to have to get a bit creative with how you ski. The 2016 ON3P Kartel’s 98 are exactly what you need for days like these. 
            Quite possibly the most versatile ski in ON3P’smen's line-up, the Kartel 98 excels everywhere from the park to the pow. ON3P’elliptical sidecut and tapered tip and tail allow the Kartel 98 to carve effortlessly. Throw in ON3P’s extremely durable construction and you have yourself a ski that charges hard. With 40.5 cm of rocker in the tip and tail, the ski is playful while remaining rigid enough underfoot to charge in variable snow, and its bamboo core keeps it light, poppy, and flexy as hell – perfect for butters and getting creative on the hill. All these skis want to do is play. 
Rocker Type
Elliptical rocker profile –  The rocker profile and tip shape are combined into a single elliptical arc, which allows the tips to float better in powder, deflect less in variable snow, and helps the effective edge running within the rocker length to ski in a more natural, effortless way. 40.5 cm tip rocker / 40.5 cm tail rocker.
Elliptical sidecut –  Thesidecutconsists of an elliptical arc that begins at the center of the ski and gets progressively smaller as it extends toward the tip and tail, resulting in a ski that carves harder the more it is put on edge, yet remains stable when it is skied flat.

The Kartel’s have a tapered tip and tailThe greater the taper, the easier the ski will be to skid. They are a true twin tip as the tip and tail are both the same diameter (40.5cm) and have a 98 mm underfoot.

These skis have a 100% bamboo core.  At the heart of every pair of ON3P skis is a vertically laminated, 100% bamboo core that provides a responsive, yet powerful ride. The ON3P core gives the ski strength where it needs it to better resist warping and deterioration. Because of the bamboo core the ski is responsive and playful without having to sacrifice durability or weight. 
UHMW sidewalls and tip spacers –  Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene is not only a mouthful, but also an incredibly strong material. It has a higher resistance than steel, and results in less cracking than other conventional ski materials. 
1.8 mm 4001 Durasurf sintered base –  ON3P Durasurf 4001 base material provides their skis with better glide and protection from damage compared to other common base materials, and it is 38% thicker than the industry standard.
2.5 mm x 2.5 mm extra thick edges –  ON3P uses a 3/4 wrap for their 2.5 mm x 2.5 mm Rockwell 48C steel edges. The 3/4 wrap allows the tips and tails of the skis to flex, decreasing the risk of delamination.
Additional Features

Handmade in Portland, Oregon. 

The skis are listed as $679.00 MSRP, however, there are many sellers who offer these skis for less. 
Where to purchase
 They can be purchased online, on websites such as, or directly from the manufacturer at Varying ski shops may also sell this model depending on availability and location. 

The Bottom Line
A sturdy and adaptable ski that knows no top speed and has virtually no limitations. It is light, playful, and responsive with a high flex rating. The ski holds an edge well in variable conditions and will also float in boot deep powder. They are flexible when they need to butter, and reliable when they need to charge. They are a perfect fit for ripping around the mountain in variable conditions or getting a little weird with your style on the hill.  


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