Thursday, March 19, 2020

Mammoth Lakes, CA Asking You NOT To Come Visit Right Now

The community of Mammoth Lakes, California is asking you not come and visit during this time in the COVID-19 pandemic. Photo by Visit Mammoth

COVID-19. I know it's all you've been hearing these days along with terms like social distancing and self-isolation. I'm not here to sound like a broken record. However, I must reiterate that these things are VERY important in ensuring our survival.

At this time, the community of Mammoth Lakes, California is asking people to refrain from visiting the town and surrounding wilderness to prevent further spread of the novel coronavirus. Visit Mammoth wrote on their website:
We're asking anyone who is not a primary resident of Mammoth Lakes or providing essential services to our residents NOT to visit Mammoth Lakes for the time being. The reason is simple: as a small, remote mountain community our healthcare facilities lack the capacity to handle a widespread outbreak of COVID-19. Additionally, services in Mammoth Lakes are currently extremely limited. Mammoth Mountain and restaurants (excluding takeout services), bars and other public spaces are temporarily closed due to county-mandated health ordersPublic gatherings have also been prohibited by the Mono County Public Health Officer.

We know that the CDC, WHO and the state of California government officials are recommending social distancing, and Mammoth Lakes might seem like the perfect place for that, we also fully understand the inclination to seek escape in the outdoors during difficult times, but the reality is that doing so right now risks lives.

This is a hard message for us to send, as we know how many of you cherish Mammoth Lakes and the wilderness that surrounds it, but we ask you to respect our community and this request to stay home for now. If we all work together to do the right thing during this public health crisis, we’ll all be able to enjoy the Mammoth Lakes area in a responsible and respectful way sooner rather than later.
Please do the right thing at this immensely challenging time for us all. It's the one time that you can save humanity by doing nothing and lying front of a TV. Don't mess it up!

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